Calendar of Events

February 2024
24th State Under 21 Snooker Championship North Perth 10.00am
25th Cannington - Ranking Tournament 1 Cannington 9.00am
March 2024
10th Northbridge - Ranking Tournament 2 Northbridge 10.00am
13th - 16th Walter Lindrum Open Billiards Mounties, NSW
16th - 23rd APSBF Snooker Championships Mounties, NSW
24th State Women's Snooker Championship North Perth 10.00am
April 2024
4th - 7th Australian Under 21 Billiards & Snooker Championship Brunswick Club, VIC
6th - 7th Bunbury - Ranking Tournament 3 Bunbury Commercial Club
14th North Perth - Ranking Tournament 4 North Perth 10.00am
28th Bill Barrie State Minor Snooker Trophy Northbridge 10.00am
May 2024
2nd - 5th Australian Masters Snooker Championship (TBA) Mingara, NSW
5th Cannington - Ranking Tournament 5 Cannington 9.00am
24th - 26th Ian Chappell Pot Black Open Blacktown, NSW
25th - 26th State Snooker Championship Round Robin North Perth 10.00am
June 2024
1st - 3rd State Snooker Championship Knockout North Perth 10.00am
8th - 10th Lance Pannell Snooker Yarraville, VIC
11th - 18th Australian Billiards Championships Yarraville, VIC
28th - 30th West Coast International North Perth 9.00am
July 2024
14th Cannington - Ranking Tournament 7 Cannington 9.00am
18th - 21st Australian National Women's Snooker Championship Melbourne, VIC
20th Kalamunda 147 Invitational Kalamunda Club 10.00am
28th North Perth - Ranking Tournament 8 North Perth 10.00am
August 2024
2nd - 4th Fred Osbourne Memorial Snooker Albury, NSW
10th - 11th Bossman's Barber Shop State 6 Red Snooker North Perth 10.00am
24th - 26th Australian National Snooker Championship Melbourne, VIC
24th - 25th Frank Humphreys Billiards North Perth 10.00am
September 2024
7th - 8th State Billiards Championship North Perth 10.00am
10th Annual General Meeting Jewel of the Park, East Victoria Park 7.00pm
13th - 15th South Pacific Open Snooker Club Marconi, NSW
21st State Under 15 Snooker Championship North Perth 10.00am
22nd Champions League 1 (Hcap) Cannington 9.00am
October 2024
5th State Under 18 & 12 Snooker Championship North Perth 10.00am
5th - 8th Australian Open Women's Snooker Championship Mounties, NSW
6th Champions League 2 (Hcap) North Perth 10.00am
10th - 13th Australian Open Snooker Championship Mounties, NSW
20th Champions League 3 (Hcap) Northbridge 10.00am
26th - 27th Swan River Classic North Perth 10.00am
November 2024
2nd - 3rd Bunbury Challenge Bunbury Commercial Club
9th State Under 18 Billiards Championship North Perth 10.00am
10th Champions League 4 (Hcap) Cannington 9.00am
24th Champion of Champions (Hcap) North Perth 10.00am
December 2024
8th Christmas Cup (Hcap) North Perth 10.00am

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