Kalamunda 147 Invitational

24 Aug 2021

Not many players may know that there is a venue in Perth which was once actively involved in leagues and still has full size tables available to the public – The Kalamunda Club.

The Snooker Club at Kalamunda are keen to show that the tables do bring value to the club beyond their local group of regulars, so they are keen to introduce tournaments with the BSAWA. Our thought is to put on a showcase of the top players in WA, and we can build from there with a number of tournaments that cater to different playing groups and audiences.

The Kalamunda 147 Invitational will be played under the OneForSeven format recently played with the Swan River Classic, but a single group of 8 players selected from the top players on the ranking list as at the conclusion of the 2021 season. Entries are now open to all players to express their interest, with the top 8 ranked players to enter prior to the closing time of 12pm Friday 27 August to be accepted. Submit your entry on the Event Entries page -

Even if you do not make the 8 to play on the day, please try to come along and check out the club, the more BSAWA members we have the better. The room itself is cosy, but we will have live streaming playing on a big screen TV within the venue, so the atmosphere will be great.

Check out the Kalamunda Club website - – or Facebook -

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