Scotch Doubles Rescheduled

9 Sep 2021

The Scotch Doubles Snooker event originally scheduled for 11-12 September will now be held on the weekend of 2-3 October at PBFPSC North Perth. This is due to a clash with the major LP Cues 8 Ball event, and also to give more time to spread the word about the format and nature of the Scotch Doubles.

The event was originally named the State Scotch Doubles Snooker Championship, which may have given the impression that it was a serious tournament in line with other State Championships. However, the intention is for this to be a social occasion, promoting interaction between players in a fun environment. Scotch Doubles is played by players alternating shots within each visit, so there is plenty of room for banter and discussion.

Format of the event will be round robin, with players progressing to a seeded knockout draw. Round Robin matches will be 2 frames - in the event of a tie for positions at the end of the Round Robin, a one frame play-off will be held.

The sum of the handicaps of the players in a team must be at least 30, using the official BSAWA Handicap list -

Frames will be played using the sum of the handicaps of the players - e.g. if Team A consists of a Scratch player and a +30 player, while Team B consists of two +30 players, Team B receives 30 start for each frame.

Smart Casual dress is required: Trousers or jeans, collared shirt and dress shoes must be worn. No t-shirts, track-pants, sandals, or thongs will be allowed.

Players who have formed their team should enter both names in the same field when submitting entries. If you a looking for a partner, enter your name on its own so others can see who is available and make contact.

Entries are now open as per usual - - Entries close at 7pm on Thursday 30 September so the draw can be published on the Friday.

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