Kalamunda 147 Series

28 Jul 2022

A new series of events will be held on Thursday nights at the Kalamunda Club under the OneForSeven format which has proved very popular.

6 Qualifying Events will be played with 6 players. The winner of each event will qualify for the Final and cannot play in further Qualifying Events. The Final will be played on 15 September.

Entries will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Players can enter more than one event, but precedence will be given to those who have yet to play an event - i.e. you need to let everyone have a chance before you go back for seconds!

Prize money will be paid to the players competing in the Final - if a player does not show at the Final, prize money will not be paid.

All matches will be 21 minutes.

Play is due to commence at 7pm on Thursday evenings.

Dress code is Casual.

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